The 4 “F’s”

I had a discussion with a songwriter over on Facebook recently. (you can always find engaging and interesting discussions over there!) He posted this: It's The New Music Business! Don't Write Great Songs That You Market & People BUY? Beg For Money On Fund Me And Facebook & Make Your Living That Way! It's Easier! [...]

How High Can You Go?

Yesterday, we visited a Publishing house here on Music Row in Nashville and listened to about 10 songs for an artist we are working with. What struck us was how incredibly well written and produced each of the songs were. We asked the rep why havent these songs been cut yet? She said.. these are [...]

How’s Your Foundation?

Anyone who has built a structure, business, career or entity knows how vitally important it is to build on a solid foundation. The foundation is the platform on which the structure/entity exists. Foundation, as it pertains to a creative career, is defined much in the same manner. In order to have a sustained and successful [...]


When you think of the word "content," two definitions come to mind; 1: the principal substance (such as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a creative 2: Satisfaction (I'm content to watch) The word as it pertains to the creative can be summed up in this one sentence; Am I content with my content? Most [...]

NAD Success Story!

It's always gratifying for us when someone we have been working with realizes success! Success can mean different things to different people. One may desire to have their songs cut by a big name artist or played on radio or synced to TV or film. Others may want to play the big stages and become [...]

Ready, Willing and Able?

There are 3 critical issues when it comes to a successful career in music. Ready…Willing…and Able Most think they are ready, all consider themselves to be willing, but very few have the ability to compete on the world’s stage. And that’s where we come in. Nashville Artist Development exists to help you answer the questions, [...]

Makin’ Music!

Check out a video we shot the other day of our CEO, Jason Wyatt, working on a new song for one of our production clients. You'll see how the process works, and how we make a good song a great song! We love creativity and the creative process. Let us know how we can serve [...]

Music, Biz and Baseball…

As you may know by now by reading my other blog posts, I’m really into baseball. There’s something about building and then playing on your own field of dreams that resonates with me. When I think of baseball, I think about the business of baseball, and how team owners set up a mechanism to bring [...]

Your Field of Dreams

Ahhh, spring has finally sprung after a long winter over most of the USA.  I played baseball in high school and college, and I was pretty good! I was All-State my senior year of high school, and we went to the state finals in 1980. In 1981 I was scouted by the Baltimore Orioles and [...]