Jason Wyatt

jason-wyattJason Wyatt has been a dynamo of productivity in the Nashville music scene since he arrived in 2008. Originally from Washington State and arriving by way of West Texas, he immediately networked with local singers, songwriters and producers alike and began lending his buttery-smooth vocals to backing-tracks, CD cuts and song demos across town. This work eventually lead him to the role of lead vocalist for country duo, The Lost Trailers. In his first year with the band, two of their songs climbed into the top-40 as they toured extensively across North America.

A growing, outside demand for his production, songwriting and vocal expertise during his time recording and performing with the Trailers, eventually led him to open Jason Wyatt Productions. His friendly and honest approach, experience in music production and ability to offer developing artists direct access to key people in the music industry have been the key drivers of success for his clients.

When he’s not writing, producing, or performing, Jason spends time with his beautiful wife and four children at their home in Spring Hill, TN. He is a private pilot who loves to fly whenever he can, loves to play in the outdoors with his kids, and has an obsession for Star Wars.

Jason is currently endorsed by:
Santa Cruz Guitars
DR Strings