In-Depth, Customized Personal Support, Mentorship & Training Exclusively For Serious Artists

It’s a daunting task to try to build a solid, profitable and sustainable music career alone, whether it’s your own or that of someone you are managing. You need entrepreneurial skills and business planning expertise to ensure that you become and remain financially stable. You need insider knowledge of the workings of the music industry to keep you from making costly mistakes. You need high-level contacts to expedite your journey.

If you can’t fill all of those shoes, but you’re ready to 1) learn and 2) put everything you learn into practice, we want to help. Our consulting programs include:

Extensive one-on-one personal mentoring to plan and execute your long-term career path and all of the interim steps necessary to make it happen. The more you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, the better your chances of succeeding! You can’t achieve that in group coaching.

Hands-on work on your behalf. Think of it as having a part-time manager – someone who is doing research and making contacts on your behalf. Someone who is in your corner every step of the way, ensuring that every decision you make is the best one for your situation. We also serve as your accountability partner.

Weekly personal coaching and training sessions (phone, Skype etc.) to teach you how to build a solid, profitable and sustainable career.

Some (but not all) of the areas we cover include:

  • Developing and implementing short and long-term plans for your career
  • Developing a career strategy
  • Understanding contracts and negotiations
  • Getting more, bigger and/or better gigs
  • Selling more music and/or merchandise
  • Increasing any royalties you receive
  • Developing new income streams
  • Increasing your fan base
  • Developing new markets for your act and your music
  • Finding lucrative new income opportunities
  • Getting endorsements
  • Considerably improving your talents and skills
  • Marketing your act and your music effectively
  • Developing industry contacts at every level
  • Improving your songwriting skills
  • Pursuing artist management
  • Pursuing a booking agent
  • Managing your finances
  • Much more!

Note: These programs are only for artists and songwriters who are serious, committed and willing to invest their time, energy and money into their careers.

Apply today to let us know more about you and for us to determine if you are ready, willing and able to work with us.