Nashville Artist Development provides a wide range of services for the artist and songwriter. Our services are custom tailored to fit individual needs and career goals.  There are no “cookie-cutter” programs or services offered by N.A.D.

Services we provide:

  • Coaching/Consulting – Hourly or Monthly Retainer
  • Music Production – Demos to Masters
  • Song Development – Conception to Completion
  • Song Coaching – Teaching the craft of songwriting
  • Song Co-Writing – Working with you on your songs and lining up quality-co-writers
  • Artist Development – A myriad of issues to expand your influence
  • Branding & Imaging – How to present your persona to the world
  • Marketing – Creating first, best, and different content that is uniquely yours
  • Promotion – Telling the world they need what you have
  • Online Presentation – Presenting your content in a professional manner
  • Social Media – Creating friends, fans, followers and funders
  • Performance Coaching – How to use the stage and create moments for your audience
  • Networking – Our relationships become your relationships
  • Opportunities – Providing events and ways to share your music and content

In order to determine your unique needs and goals and to see if you are ready, willing and able to work with us, fill out our application form. After review, we’ll discuss how we can help you go from the minors to the majors!

We’ll help you identify your goals and create a plan that is doable. We don’t guarantee your success, but we can guarantee that you will have every tool in your tool belt that you need to be a success.

Talk to us, tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll work with you to help you get there.

To learn more about our process, read our blog post, “Music, Biz and Baseball.”

Helping you make your music, your way