How High Can You Go?

high_barYesterday, we visited a Publishing house here on Music Row in Nashville and listened to about 10 songs for an artist we are working with. What struck us was how incredibly well written and produced each of the songs were. We asked the rep why havent these songs been cut yet? She said.. these are what we consider to be our “B” level songs that we make available for up and coming artists. We keep the best songs for the stars. I’m like.. daggone! If these songs were that great, we wonder what those “A” level songs were like?

Most songwriters do not realize how high the bar is set, but it is a very high bar. The songwriting needs to be extraordinary. The production on the demo needs to sound like a master cut that is on the radio. Some songwriters think that people in the industry will use their imagination and imagine what their song would sound like with work. To be honest, industry people want a finished product that they can make $$$ on. They expect what comes across their desk to be great!

Just some thoughts for you to consider as you pursue your musical aspirations!