When you think of the word “content,” two definitions come to mind;

1: the principal substance (such as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a creative

2: Satisfaction (I’m content to watch)

The word as it pertains to the creative can be summed up in this one sentence;

Am I content with my content?

Most would tell you that they are, and in my opinion, that is the kiss of creative death. As a content producer, one should never be content with their content. There should be a constant state of tweaking what has already been produced, and a continual birthing of new content that is then massaged, honed, chiseled, erased and rewritten.

One of the most difficult issues for the independent, DIY creative is self evaluation. Let’s face it, most everyone loves what they produce! The self is a terrible evaluator of their own content. Many also go to family and close friends asking them for feedback of their content. Again, this is a bad approach to gathering reactions and response. Of course mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, even down to 3rd cousins are going to tell you what you have produced is great! Close friends will do the same, unless it’s a very good friend, who may (after a few drinks) tell you that your creations may need to be worked on. (they run the risk of being de-friended:)

So, what is the “Do It Yourself-er” to do? Glad you asked!

This is where Nashville Artist Development can be a huge help. When we first start working with an artist/songwriter, we take a close look at all of their content and give an honest evaluation. This is an eye-opening and valuable process for them.  Now, mind you.. we don’t slam and tell our clients what they have done is bad or has no value.  Most all content has value to someone. The content certainly holds value to the content creator.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 7.41.17 PM“Content” is like chocolate. You can go to Walgreens and buy a 99 cent Hershey bar, consume it, and like it. Or, you can go on Amazon, buy a $100 bar of fine chocolate from Switzerland, wait for it to arrive, unbox it, and savor every glorious bite. Once you eat the fine Swiss chocolate, you realize the Hershey bar is not nearly as “rich.” The Hershey bar is still chocolate, but the quality of the ingredients are not nearly as refined,   combined and produced.

And that is the issue as it pertains to content. Is the content “rich”? When I think of getting “rich” in the music business, I don’t think of how much money one can make off of their music…what comes to my mind is “How can we help our artists/songwriter s produce content that is “rich?” 

Better brings bigger. I see some get this flipped around, and it’s a recipe for disappointment. The allure of trying to gain a bigger following, when neglecting to make their content better is one of the biggest traps and lies that many fall for.  Better brings Bigger!

Hopefully, after reading this, it has helped you to think about your content and how important it is to produce “rich” content. If you need help assessing your content, let us know. We can review your content, and provide honest feedback to you.

Fill out our complimentary Eval Form. We’ll get back to you and we’ll make arrangements to evaluate your content, make helpful suggestions, and maybe… work with you to help you create some Swiss chocolate bars!

Stay tuned and write tunes!

Keith Mohr
VP of Artist Relations
Nashville Artist Development

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